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Diabetic neuropathy is a condition caused by high blood sugar that affects your nerves and causes damage over several years. Allison Kendrick, MD, MA, offers an integrative approach to symptom relief with low-dose THC at Compassionate Telemedicine in Austin, Texas. Dr. Kendrick uses telemedicine to see patients who live anywhere in Texas. To learn how medical marijuana can help relieve your diabetic neuropathy symptoms, call the office or book online.

Diabetic Neuropathy Q & A

What is diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of chronic nerve damage that can occur if you have diabetes over several years. This pain-causing condition develops when you continuously have elevated blood sugar levels. 

While nerve damage from diabetic neuropathy can occur anywhere in your body, nerves in your legs and feet are usually most affected because of diabetes-related circulation issues.


What are the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy? 

Diabetic neuropathy can cause a wide range of symptoms. Typically, diabetic neuropathy is broken down into four types. Your symptoms can vary depending upon which type of neuropathy you have.

Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy can lead to numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in your legs and feet. Some men and women even lose their balance or coordination.

Autonomic neuropathy

Your autonomic system controls essential bodily functions such as heart rhythm, digestion, and vision. Autonomic neuropathy sufferers often start having uncontrollable diarrhea or difficulty controlling their bowels.

Radiculoplexus neuropathy

Radiculoplexus neuropathy leads to nerve damage in your hips, buttocks, thighs, and lower legs. If you have it, you might experience difficulty getting up after sitting or losing muscle tone in your legs.


Mononeuropathy leads to nerve damage that affects your face, torso, or legs. It’s common to experience pain and discomfort in the front of your thigh, your shin, or your foot.


How is diabetic neuropathy treated?

While no cure exists for diabetic neuropathy, Compassionate Telemedicine offers treatments with medical marijuana to relieve pain and slow down disease progression.

Your treatment plan can usually be combined with other therapies that could include:

  • Stretches and strengthening exercises
  • Topical pain-relieving creams
  • Supportive and functional orthotics

Because diabetic neuropathy is chronic, Dr. Kendrick might also discuss getting your blood sugar under control. In doing this, you can prevent future diabetic neuropathy issues and start improving your quality of life.

Before living another day with diabetic neuropathy pain, call Compassionate Telemedicine, or book an appointment online.