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Medical Marijuana Card in Texas

The first question people ask is “How do I get a medical marijuana card in Texas?”

First, there is no medical marijuana card in Texas. Instead, our state certifies doctors to enroll patients with qualifying medical conditions into the Compassionate Use Program, also known T.C.U.P.

This is a low-dose THC program that works through prescriptions written by certified doctors, who choose the best THC and CBD medication to improve their patients’ overall health. This makes the program unique: it assigns each patient a Compassionate Use doctor, who monitors their patient’s progress with cannabis over time to find the best treatment plan for long term health. This established doctor-patient relationship is the key to keeping patients supported and informed, while watching for potential interactions with other pharmaceutical drugs and medical conditions each patient may have. We use our expertise to find the right medications for our patients, and we know the value of adding THC to any medication at doses that work.

Any website that advertises a medical marijuana card for Texas is providing misinformation. Most of medical cannabis telemedicine sites online today are designed to be used by physicians working in multiple states, each with their own regulations. In those states, the consults last only 15 minutes because the outcome is a card for the patient’s use in a dispensary to choose products at their own discretion. We do not have dispensaries like this in Texas, so we do not need the card.

These sites also rarely tell you anything about the physicians they employ. The patient is forced to blindly trust that their healthcare is in the hands of a qualified, certified cannabis doctor.

When you look for an oncologist or a surgeon, do you ever see clinics that do not provide the resumes, educational backgrounds, and qualifications of their doctors? Why should it be any different with medical cannabis?

At Compassionate Telemedicine, we have always been dedicated to eliminating the stigma of the word marijuana. In this way, we proudly display the qualifications of our doctors, and we insist that they maintain board certification in their specialty so our patients receive top of the line care. We work with our patients over time, providing 30 minute consults to really teach our patients about medical cannabis and how it works in the body. We follow up with our treatment throughout the year, creating close relationships with our patients.

We are the highest rated telemedicine clinic in Texas, dedicated to providing our patients upfront, holistic care backed by strong knowledge of traditional medicine and the power of THC. There is nothing to hide about quality medical care!

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