How Do I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Texas?

How do I get a medical marijuana card in Texas?


Updated:  10/10/2020

The answer is that the is no medical marijuana card in Texas.  Many other states regulate medical marijuana through the use of an identification card issued by the state after a visit with an authorized physician.  Depending on the state, these cards are valid from 1 to 2 years.


Here in Texas, things are a little different. 


Medical cannabis was first legalized under the Compassionate Use Act in 2017, where it was approved only for the treatment of intractable epilepsy.  Since that time, this act has been expanded by the legislature to include a wider range of medical conditions - including all seizure disorders, traumatic brain injury incurred from sports or other physical trauma, all forms of dementia such as vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, and more.  Other qualifying conditions include neuropathy, Autism and other spectrum disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, terminal cancer, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and a long list of progressive neurodegenerative disorders. 


But what about the medical marijuana card?


In Texas, medical marijuana - better described as low dose THC - is prescribed more like a traditional medication is handled, without the use of a card.  Physicians who have been approved to prescribe low dose THC enter the prescription into a database with the Texas Department of Public Safety.  The name of this database system is the CURT monitoring system.  Prescriptions are renewed at the physician’s discretion.  Once a working dose has been obtained visits can extend to every months to a year, depending on the medical diagnosis and complexity. 


Once the doctor’s evaluation is complete, the patient’s identification and Texas residency is confirmed.  Then the doctor registers the patient and the prescription within the CURT system.  Once the patient and the prescription have been entered into the database, the patient can choose one of three available dispensaries to fill the prescription. The patient does NOT have a card - the prescription on the medicine IS the legal documentation needed.  Any employers or  pain doctors who would like to see your legal status in the program can contact the DPS for confirmation Monday – Friday 7am to 6pm:


The three dispensaries are:


1.  Surterra Wellness


600 Congress Ave

Austin, TX. 78701


2.  Compassionate Cultivation


12701 Lowden Lane, Building 501

Manchaca, TX. 78652


3.  Fluent



Because the dispensaries are located mostly within the Austin, Texas area a patient can contact the dispensary by phone to fill the prescription.  The dispensary can then deliver the medicine to any location in Texas.


By choosing not to legalize a medical marijuana card at this time, the State requires more regulation and  follow up visits between patients and their prescribing doctors  throughout the year.  This allows doctors to better evaluate how the medicine is working and adjust dosages over time.  Doctors are also able to monitor for side effects and to screen for any development of physical tolerance to cannabis. 




Dr. Allison Kendrick

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